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✨ UK Postage & Packing from £2.95 | FREE UK Postage on orders over £50 ✨

International Women's Day

March 08, 2018

International Women's Day

 I was asked by the lovely Charlotte of The Panrty and Finn & Bear to provide a pull together a blog post on how and why I started mamatot.....

Although I worked in retail whilst at University I’ve spent the last ten years working in the corporate world for an international professional services firm.  However, career disappointment just before maternity leave left me feeling somewhat unmotivated to return to the corporate world.  Sadly, and all too often, employers don’t provide the flexibility that parents need to allow them to truly fulfil their potential at home and in their careers. It was time for me to take a look at my own priorities and begin planning for the dream of running my own business and working in a flexible way to suit my life as a mama.

The mamatot journey began on a trip to Copenhagen when Hector was just a bump.  The independent shops and department stores of Copenhagen were such a revelation, filled with beautiful, contemporary and modern products of the highest quality.  I returned to Scotland armed with a list of all the brands and products I’d set my heart on, excited about the internet shopping that lay ahead. Sourcing the products proved much harder than I had first expected…... and the idea for mamatot was born. 

Starting a business from scratch has been one of the most interesting and exciting challenges I’ve undertaken.  Learning about web platforms, social media, postage services, business banking and working with independent international brands has been a steep learning curve, but also rewarding and fulfilling. Leaving my secure corporate job was a big decision but I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the love and support of those around me, especially the community of female business owners.


My advice to anyone considering taking the leap would be to follow YOUR heart.  There will always be those around you whose advice & guidance casts doubt in your mind.  However, if you think it’s a great idea then it is likely others will too.  It’s still important to speak to as many people as you can about their experiences and seek their nuggets of advice but don’t aim for perfection.  Nothing is ever perfect and it certainly isn’t when you start out.  It’s better to do something rather than nothing.


 “If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be”.

Maya Angelou


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