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✨ UK Postage & Packing from £2.95 | FREE UK Postage on orders over £50 ✨

Behind Me&Mine are Isabel and Olga, two women who are connected by the conviction that spending time with the people you love is important.

This is why, in the DNA of our brand, some mottos that we have recycled from our own lives coexist: sharing experiences and celebrating them, and making what we have in common with others our greatest achievement and strength.

Me&Mine is a proposal for children’s products designed to strengthen the link between children and adults. We are convinced that having fun, learning, imagining, remembering, and getting excited TOGETHER, helps us grow up safe and happy, and we can’t think of a better inheritance for our sons and daughters.

As a brand, we have evolved at the same rate as our children did: from family trees we have moved on to symbolic games, and from there to yo-yos, spinning tops and Chinese jump rope; the first lost tooth brought the Lost Teeth Card, and the first bicycle the Driver’s License. The Reader Passport appeared to celebrate the first moments of reading alone and thus, more by logic than by inspiration, we have been growing, step by step.

We hope we can continue to grow together much more!

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